This blog emerged from my own curiosity, discovery, and learning about Altona Forest.

Altona Forest is a conservation area in Pickering, Ontario – just north of the urbanized northern shores of Lake Ontario and just east of Toronto. It’s a small and beautiful 53 hectare forest facing many challenges and issues that plague urban green spaces. It’s part of the wetlands and last remaining forest of the Petticoat Creek watershed and the northern edge of Canada’s Carolinian eco-zone – which gives it a proportionally large variety of species.

When I see something new or have a question, I dive into research to find my answers. I thought that if it interested me, it might also interest you. And, I’d give you a starting point for your own inquiry. My degrees are not in biology or environmental science, but I am involved in local environmentalism. The footprint I leave matters to me. I hope my monthly articles offer you windows into the natural world and inspire you to discover Altona Forest or a green space near you.

You don’t have to travel far to connect with nature.

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Nature speaks only when we learn to listen

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